Monday, March 2, 2009

Fabian Socialism and the Fight for American Ideals

I was just looking up Fabian Socialism tonight. You should look it up, it is alarming! Fabian socialists believe in a "soft" revolution of our economic and political systems, which is happening right before our eyes. The FS mantra is "selflessness", in the name of social justice and for the 'common good". I agree that most of us in the West need to learn to defer, at times, but not lay over and die! Individuality, choice, freedom and justice are not just terms that have no meaning for the "common", but was used to protect the "common". That is the basis of our democracy. That concept of protection of the common is changing. Paternalism is alive and well. Welcome to the world of the Fabian socialist!

There was one commentary, when I googled, on Obama that was insightful and informative, of his tactics. This person was brought up by a grandfather who was a Fabian socialist. He will and is playing on propagandizing the "public good" . He inherited $700 billion in assests in our banks. And he wants to herald in health care, which he will not do outright, as that would be too blatant of the ultimate goal, complete and total take-over of the health care industry. It will be done by starving the private sector. No business can survive without incentives, which are benefits for staying in business. If government makes so many demands upon business, then motivation, morale, and money all suffer.

Healthcare is only one area of government control. We already have partial nationalization of our banking industry. They want to enlarge big government and make people dependent on government and not take self-responsibility.

I am gravely concerned, as many are not even aware of what is happening, but when they become aware, I am afraid it will be too late. Fabian Socialism is an elitist way of breeding co-operation of the peasant class.

Human rights will no longer be forefront and center, as it will be deemed special priviledge for those who are educated beyond the "common". And the dangerous aspect about all of it is that elitism was the rationale for Hitler to do "away" with the "inferior person". Inferior persons cease to have rights, because they don't measure up to the standard of elitism.

Fabian Socialist are the "Third Way" to attain approval from those whose lives will ultimately depend upon them. Fabian socialist are deemed to be the social engineers, the revolutionaries in reformer's clothing. Fabian Socialist will breed unity around our "common crisis", defend the need to do "major surgury" on our economy, then call for sacrifice for the "common good", while wielding the power of the media to control and educate the public "for their own sake" and for the interests of the nation. We see all of this happening before our eyes.

This is nothing other than public economic scourging. And the demise of our great nation will be the result.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Im from Australia.

What exactly are American ideals---defined by who and in whose interests?

Wasnt America founded on grand theft, genocide, and slavery (mass murder and grand theft combined)

Check out Columbus and Other Cannibals by Jack Forbes

Have you ever considered that a "culture" (or rather anti-culture) based on competitive "individualism" inevitably destroys ALL forms of Traditional Culture?

And that those on the "right" side of the culture wars (beginning with Ronald Reagan) are the real culture-wreckers?

Angie Van De Merwe said...

Hi Annonymous,
Ha, I thought Australia was the "wild" country where we sent our criminals (no offense, I hope).

Please read my next blog entry, as the values we hold in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the ones that I speak of.

Of course, we all have certain perspectives, that are biased to certain values we hold most dear. Some Americans would hold to these values, but not be "libertarian" in viewpoint because of their "commitment" or "belief" that religion or "tradition" was more important than a "secular government". These religious believers separate the sacred and secular. Some to the point of living in seperate "communes"...

In America, where religious freedom is allowed, we are not to "condemn how one wants to worship", therefore, we can choose individually the community that is the best fit, whether religious, social, political, etc...