Sunday, March 1, 2009

Last Night's Movie

Last night due to our son's recommendation, we watched 'The Changling'. It was about a single depression-era Mom loosing her son, and her attempt to recover him.

The experiences that she had with law enforcement officers reminds one of corruption "methods" wherever they are found in the world. The innocent suffer because others seek to protect thier reputations, "pad their pockets", or circumvent their "mistakes". In this case, it was the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department).

One begins to understand what some suffer due to those in power whose characters leave something to be desired. In fact, this movie shows to what extinct those in power will seek to protect themselves, while condemning others. A mother and son's relationship is one that most can identify with and Angelina Jolie and the rest of the "stars" did a fantastic job performing their parts.

The scary thing is, that this was a true story. The corruption of those who were meant to protect is not experienced by most Americans. And I will not spoil the movie for those who might want to see it, in describing how justice was served. But, it was something that makes the heart soar to see "right" win.

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