Thursday, March 12, 2009

Determined to Be Free

The three positions of reality; open, closed and flat are ways of understanding God's universe. God's determined plan of creation was stewarding the universe in responsible ways.

We do not live in a completely open universe, as we must work with what is given, within our particular contexts, and creation givenness. While the universe is limited in this way, we do have choices in how we will live in the universe as given in our particular contexts and givens. These are responsible responses to and in our particular cultural heritage.

Because our universe is made, but not determined, we as rational beings must use our reason to the best of our ability. Using our ability, presupposes political freedom.

Political freedom is not a given, as governments are ordered by men. Men, unless accountable to an understanding of order, will not act responsibly or rationally. "Citizen" is a term that presupposes duty and responsibly behavior.

Thankfully, the West is free because of these understandings. We take these freedoms for granted to our own demise.

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