Friday, March 27, 2009

My Greatest Commitment

I wanted to state in writing that my greatest commitment is to freedom and justice for all. Justice cannot transpire without freedom, because without freedom one is limited in what one thinks, does, says, or is. These are formulated in our Bill of Rights. Therefore, I am committed to these values first and foremost, which have underwritten our civic liberties.

Some would think that serving "ideals" such as freedom and justice is less than what religion requires, because religion is first and foremost about the practice of religion. While people are a value, without the battle of ideas for freedom, as our Founding Fathers recognized, there is no freedom for the individual. Therefore, I am about standing for the ideals of freedom and justice within government.

Government is a form of bringing about "unity" and boundary matienence. Boundary matienence is what laws protect, but should not be used to subvert the freedom or interests of another, as this would be the improper use of law. Government should protect the rights of each and every individual in a free society. This is what has made our country great.

Freedom to be, to do, to become, to delight, to enjoy, to ponder....these are the things of a free society, which began the American Experiment and has brought about many fascinating and unique discoveries.

So, I am not first and foremost committed to religion, but to free government, because self-governance is where one learns to become, not from the outside, but from the inside.

And if there is a "god" and I believe there must be, then there is creativity, as well as form and structure. Form and structure, which defines government and law, cannot squelsh the creative spirit of individual expression and still be a free government.

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