Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Radical's Call to Faith

Radicals, of all kinds, understand themselves as "special emmisaries" of one sort or another. They believe that they have "special revelation" that supercedes all other kinds of knowledge. These people are not rational, as they believe that faith is the "lone" and "sole" reason for life itself. They believe that they "know God" in some mystical experiential way or in some "specially revealed text". These people are malinformed and are not open to any "different" information. Their "world" is already determined by their "world", so any "evidence" that contradicts their "understanding" is dismissed. Their very identity is tied up into their "world". These have no "self", as "self" has not developed beyond the dependent stage of a child.

This is Not saying that people of faith are all "wackos" or not mature people. No, the ones I am identifying are those that have an unhealthy need to understand their "world" as "absolute" and imposing upon others. People of faith can be reasonable and rational, while understanding that how they understand their "world" is a "fill in the gap" way of formulating things that are beyond our ability to really "know". It is mystery.

These radicals are filled with fear of everything from what they think, and read, to what they wear. These are superstitous people. They fear imposing and imminent danger if they do not "cross" their t's and dot their i's. They live in a very narrow and dark place, where ghosts and goblins exist and might any moment take their life.

I find that radicals are determined to "prove" their loyalty by sacrifice and service of many kinds. They believe that this proves something to God, others and themselves. They fear that they might not have faith, so they become obsessive and defensive about their faith. Challenging such people only leads them to personally attack their "assailant", or plan for 'revenge".

These radicals not only seek to "prove" faith but they are also competitive. They long for the accolades of honor for their faithful service and will kill themselves in carrying out heroic attempts at attaining "top dog" status. They truly believe Hebrews, when it says to run the race, as if only one will win. They want to win at all costs.

Although I have reservations, if not outright abhorrence, in some regards to these radicals, at least they are willing to be consistent to their commitments, and ideals. For this, they can be applauded. I just don't think that being so OCD is healthy.

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