Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Will Be A Biblical Christian "Till My Cows Come Home"!

I am to learn in quiet submission. Anyone that knows me, knows that I can't learn in quiet submission. I must ask questions, extrapolate, investigate, and verbalize.

I feel sorry for those who have had classes with me. I really try to hold my hand in my lap, but find it rising without my notice, as I'm too busy looking, listening and thinking, trying to put things together. I can't stand to have things in my mind not connected. I wish it were more desirous to be "ordered" in my own home! Oh, now I think I remember that that was another gauge as to a "biblical woman".

I am thankful for a patient husband and wonder if he would talk more, if I didn't. Sometimes, when I've tried not to talk to see if he'd talk more, he just enjoys the peace and quiet.

I know, I know that the Bible says that women should be quiet in church and have a meek and quiet spirit. This is something I'm working on, but haven't made much progress. I guess some of us are just born more spiritually blessed, than others! (Oops, there goes my envy gauge! What's a girl to do?)

Once when I first started this blog, I'd set up a questionaire that asked if I should stop writing and low, and behold, someone, the only one that responded checked that box! But, I didn't let that deter me, as I knew that I had to write. It is therapy for me. And besides, they didn't have to read my blog anyway. I believe in "freedom of speech"! So I have continued to write and it gives me pleasure. Is that sin?

Just today, I led a discussion in a class on our sources of authority. And I found the class talking about politics. When I apologized, one of the students said that the class was supposed to be related to faith in society. That was a relief!

I had a professor one time that kept saying "biblical Christian" and calling me one. I told my husband I didn't know what he meant, as weren't all Christians biblical. I didn't know that there are many kinds of Christians.

So, in conclusion, I have decided that I am not, nor will I ever be, nor do I want to be a "biblical Christian" whatever that means.

P.S. I don't have any cows....

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