Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today's "Sermon" on Consecration

Today while attending an honor's college function, one of our professors spoke to us about "seeking first God's Kingdom and His Righteousness" and all these things would be added unto you. The verse has been used as the theme for this year. This professor went on to quote the verse about "leaving all, even father, mother and children for the sake of the Kingdom" to be Jesus' disciple.

Since this professor was a historian, he used Thomas More as an example of dying for his religious conviction versus his commitment to King Henry. He was beheaded for treason. So, his point was that not just family commitments, but also nation-state commitments should be "surrendered" to "His Kingdom". This view is based soley upon faith and not reason, or rationale. No suggestion that the Golden Rule applies to the disciple. The disciple is to be "submitted" so that his life can be consecrated for whatever purpose the Church sees fit.

Many saints have died because they have disagreed to what the "church" or the "state" wanted, or will for their lives or other lives. These martyrs were beheaded, defrauded, defamed, dismissed, excommunicated, tortured, and humiliated "all in the name of Christ and for His Kingdom as the ones in Power understood "the Kingdom". Must we, in modern day society, submit to such lack of rationale, or should we resist, and rebel like these "martyrs" for the faith? Should we submit to power (authority), or should we submit to conscience?

God is not man, that he is to be served by force. Worship that is not from the heart, is not worship. Some would say that one should not rely on emotion or "feelings" as duty is to "enforce" the behavior that is most "approved". Religion that adheres to means of "duty", control, force, or demand, should not be followed, much less submitted to.

Trustworthiness, a mandantory character trait of leaders, should be earned, by the leaders own life and commitments. Obedience should never be because of reward, but because it is "right" and "just". Rewards are irrelavant to those that have character!

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