Friday, April 3, 2009

Worldviews, Culture, and Questions

Man is a questioning animal. We seek to understand. And in thinking about how to organize my thoughts about questions concerning the "Ultimate", I started to understand why it is important to allow for diversity.

Our globalized and technologically connected "world" has exposed us like not other time in history, where we can know about differences in culture. But, while we are exposed to these differences, we are also challenged to bring about "unity" of some kind in our understanding of the economic realm, as this realm determines how our interconnectivity is to be managed for everyone's good.

We cannot live isolated, if our country wants to engage a larger world, which we must. But, my question is where do we draw or make distinctions about "the good"? We are a country that allows for diversity, but how is diversity allowed in a larger world, where diversity is not embraced, for fear of dissolving "culture"?

Culture is a defining characteristic of an environment. It maintains a sense of "solidarity". Our country's defining or solidifying "culture" is "individuality". The individual has grown and flourished in some respects in this free and open culture. But, freedom without responsibility has disadvantaged our culture from its moral "sense". We are committed to individuality at the expense of "solidarity".

So, in asking myself questions this morning, I found that while "we, the people" are the definition of the United States of America, "we, the people" lacks a solidifying "culture" to maintain a cultural identity. And this is where our politicians, as well as the individual citizen is indebted to our nation's past value of "liberty and justice for all", which is a universal value and should underline our nation's commitment to further human rights abroad.

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