Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Misunderstandings and Such

I have been told that I "take the ball and run" when I respond on another blog site. I have been told more than once, so there must be some truth to this. As I reflected on this, I have some 'theories about why this may be so...

1.) these who say I am "re-inventing the wheel" may have certain understandings that I do not have, so my response is "off kilter" to them. I have a different frame of reference than theirs. For instance, if someone thinks that you should be feeling guilt about something, then they will think that you "project" your guilt in your responses. They are prejudiced in a certain way, because of their own personal convictions, or bias.

2.) I have different definitions to my words, therefore, when I read their site, I "hear" something different from what they meant.

3.) I have different "interests" so what I extrapolate takes the discussion in a different direction from the one intended..

4.) I have a learning disorder.

Which one (or all) is true? and how do I know? or how do I find out?

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