Thursday, April 9, 2009

When Someone Else Writes Your Story, Christians Call It Pre-destination or Providence

In post-modernity, it is all about "story". We are called to "write our own story", meaning narrative. Narratives are how we understand our life and give meaning and value to life.

But, when governments (leaders) write your story, then this is evil. Christians call it pre-destination or "providence". Some Christians have understood Christ's life as a life of "love". But, love has to be a choice to give one's life away in a certain direction, otherwise, the life is diminished by undermining another's "call of different value". This is why good leadership does not pre-determine another's life, as if leaders can transform another. Leaders can influence, but should never attempt to control. But, postmoderns believe in "social construction" or environmental factors in determining the person. This is a very limited and narrow view.

In terms of legalese, pre-determination is stealing, killing and devouring another's life. Life consists of choice, values and desires, which determine how and what one chooses. These are not black and white issues of right and wrong. But, those who have only one "insight" about how people come to maturity, force the situation, and circumstances to fit their own needs, disregarding another's life, thus de-valuing this life, for thiers. It is the height of selfishness and self-centeredness. We call it abuse of power and this is immoral, if not illegal.

We all enjoy "stories" and this is why most of us enjoy novels, movies, and sometimes, even gossip. Adventurous and dangerous stories are interesting as long they are another's story and remain in the "novel" and does not become one's own. This is why moral dis-engagment happens with observation, as it distances "us' from others. We become superior, elite "beings" without self-reflection and without moral insight.

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