Sunday, April 5, 2009

Religious Identity Re-identified

"There is no Jew or Greek" is something that American society affirms, as we are a "melting pot" of many nations. We are what a "moral vision" consists, where a "new humanity" has become a nation-state. Religious identity is tied up with certain "stories" and texts, which hinder a full embrace and hospitable temper toward difference, diversity and freedom.

"There is no Jew or Gentile" meaning that there is no favoritism that all are equal before the Law. Neopotism is forbidden in business dealings. We are a people, a free and representative Republic that holds that "all mean are created equal" with "certain inalienable rights". We hold to a higher view of man than religious traditions do. We are humanists because we hold that all individuals deserve an equal respect and dignity that is protected by government. No slavery allowed, nor special priviledge or "special insightful revelation". No, we are all created equal.

Religions do not believe that all are equal, as there are priests, witch doctors, Popes, teachers, and prophets. Although there are different functions or roles in organizations or job duties, we, the people understand our interedependece, whether through the demands of unions, or minority rights. America seeks to protect those who are less fortunate, while gifting those with special gifts with the freedom to do, and become all that they can become.

America believes that all men and women are deserving of freedom and justice. We do not discriminate on any basis. It is the law. We must give equal opportunity, as that is the law. And we are respecters of law, and not men (or women)!

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