Friday, April 24, 2009

Obama's State

It is pretty well established by those that believe that "big government" is not the "way to go", that Obama wants an "Obama State".

Obama wants to expand the energy program without even having the technology developed, so that we will not be dependent on foreign sources, as well as protect the environment. There is certainly nothing wrong with the reasons, but the policy needs to be clearly thought out, without seeming urgency, which this adminstration seems to be doing with every public policy that comes up "for grabs".

In Congressional hearings, Al Gore, said that it would cost the taxpayer about 30cents a day for this energy program, to which Newt Gingrich replied that the figures were misguided and misleading. Even if the figures are correct, we are talking about $400 per year for a family of 4!

Not only is the energy bill being negotiated, but healthcare is of urgent importance. Obama wants a plan like Europe's. This universal healthcare is not known to give the best most efficient care. A friend of mine has a sister in Germany, and my husband's family lives in the Netherlands. Both have had to wait to get medical care that was necessary. Why? Because when people do not have to pay, then they are more likely to take advantage of that with more doctors visits, that would have probably been delayed had they had to pay out of their own pockets!

Why is there such urgency to "take care of the major portions of our economy? Is Obama afraid, that his popularity will go down and he won't be able to get his policies implemented?

Or is he afraid that by the next election, the Republicans will hold more strength of numbers, because the American people will vote with their feet?

It seems that some of the GM plants that are having to "cut back" are being politicized. The Republican states are the ones chosen, as the "cut backs" will be unpopular, and then the Republican Congressmen will be blamed...and Obama will maintain a Democratic majority to carry out his revolutionary agenda!

I find it hard to think that we will be able to recover some of the lost ground! It angered me to hear them tout how much it was costing us in future generations to not address the environmental issues! AND THE STIMULUS BILL WAS NOT GOING TO EFFECT THE NEXT GENERATION IN ANY NEGATIVE SENSE!! That is lunacy!

I wonder what we can do and wish my husband and I were still in D.C. so we could be better informed and involved in making a difference for the sake of our country.

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