Monday, April 6, 2009

Justice as 'Order" or "Rights"

There is much that I say on this blog that is my personal opinion. And sometimes, it is ill-informed, but I hope that those who might come upon my error would take the time to correct it, or disagree with reasonable explaination.

One of these interests that I find stimulating and interesting is on how "justice" is grounded. Is the form of government, with its laws that determine justice, or is it about rights, whether minority or human?

The conservative holds to an ordered structure, as this is the standard whereby everything is measured. In our government, we understand that standard as the Constitution. The Constitution can be amended, but what about interpretation? The liberal believes that the Constitution is a "living" document that is to be applied to situations understanding "intent" and not just a "wooden form".

Law is what rules our land, but law has to be understood, applied, correlated to the situations. That is justice is important..

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