Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Don't Care

People say we should care about so many things and that if we don't care and take responsibilty for this world, then there is something wrong with you. You are self centered and unloving. There is a difference in what they think will make you change your opinion, but all of them would believe that there was something innately wrong if you didn't care about something. There are so many things to care about that everyone demands their cause to the the "first cause" and if we don't care, then we are turned inward and need "correction, so that we can learn to have a repsonsible response and duty toward life.

Some say that Americans have lost their sense of reponsibility and duty because they didn't have "proper training" at home. These love to tout their superspirituality by pointing to how much they serve.

Many think that the environment is of utmost importance for without protecting our limited resources, then we are all doomed. This is to protect future generations, as well as our own.

Others think that fiscal responsibility is where we should be focused. That without addressing our outregeous debt, then, we will doom the future generation.

While others believe that the proper cause is the "great Commission" as without the spread of the "spiritualized gospel' anything else doesn't matter. They don't see any real reason why we should care about this world as it is all passing away anyway.

All people who have passions think that their passion should be yours, and if your don't care about it, then you are worse than an infidel. In fact, you are going to hell in a handbasket. And these might stamp you as a self-centered narcissist, that only thinks about themselves. I find that unless one is interested in their specific passion that they think is of utmost importance, then you are doomed to be judged.

So, in effect, one will be judged by someone, as no one can be involved in every cause that is of value or importace. So, one must choose what one wants to value most and then prepare for judgment!


JKG said...

Phew, I get tired just reading that list!

I generally find it hard enough to get dressed in the morning, care for children, do my job well, be a good husband, clean up after myself, etc. to have much energy left for those other things. So while I would like to "do more" I find it ridiculous to allow others to try to apply guilt as a motivation for me to do more.

You make a good point, that there are always going to be others putting those imperative demands on us. It comes back to the importance of thinking for yourself, something I am only slowly learning to do, and something that requires a surprising amount of force to be allowed by others to do.

Angie Van De Merwe said...

People take advantage of others through manipulating guilt, especially the "religious", as they use "god" as the "Power" that must be submitted to...and that justifies any and everything that others the ends justify the means....this is ridiculous. And for a long time, I really thought that serving god was not using my head, or using any type of questioning of authoriities. Authority was used as and in place of/for god, God has given us heads to use and we must develop them,otherwise, we loose out on a major part of being made in god's image.

Whether one believes in god or not, one must grow and learn for themselves. And that is what love does, not some patroninzing "concern" but "freedom" to be and determine one's own course...this in not the paradigm of most of the religious...