Saturday, April 4, 2009

It So Bugs Me....

Yesterday I was writing about justice and how justice is equality under law. Of course law is dependent on those who rule, but in the West we have a rational base for discerning what is "right", which our nation protects with our military.

Today while scanning over some of the blogs I usually read, I found one aguing against the Pentagon's spending in reference to how many 'nets" could be bought in Africa for 5 years! This statement alone angers me. While I wholeheartedly agree that government in gerneral overspends in their budget. We will disagree as to how that budget's money should be distributed!

The statement that the Pentagon was unworthy of existing because of the "poor" is just nonsense! This is the devaluation of sovereignty as a nation and a push toward a "peace" that will not happen in this world. So, though some may value their life's calling in serving the needs of the poor, that is not the only value that is of significance and value. I really cannot stand someone, especially someone with power, like the media, brainwashing the "brain dead" with "moral evaluations" that are one-sided opinions or convictions. It just enrages me.

The Pentagon is representative of protecting the values that we hold most dear. We must not devalue their service, nor the service of the military. We cannot maintain a nation, protecting our interests without a miliatary. We are fools if we think that those who devalue and hate our culture will "go away"!

So, ar those who need nets in Africa of value? Yes, but that has nothing to do with our nation's interest and we cannot be just a nation of "humanitarian aid"!

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