Thursday, April 16, 2009

Social Responsibility and Accountability of the Free

I have been thinking about social responsibility, as this is the philosophy of this adminstration. And the "rebellion" against such a universalized view was demonstrated in the "tea parties" that were thrown across our nation. Our taxes are being used for what those in power deem is appropriate, or socially responsible. But, some in the public are disagreeing with this view. And others view resistance to what is deemed our 'duty" as selfish and self-interested. These deem their social responsibility their duty to underwrite and support, as they think that the demise of our country is grounded in social irresponsibility.

Just yesterday my husband read the tax returns of Obama and Biden that were reported on some news source. He is Dutch, so that must be taken into account :), when he told me that Biden had given .7% of his income, while Obama had given 6% of his. He was a little perturbed, as the waste in government is his experience and he believes in being frugal, especially when it comes to another person's property! But, these men had not even given the tithe, and yet, they expect the taxpayer to pay their dues to others in social responsibility.

I am not suggesting that Obama or Biden did anything wrong in their giving, but as examples, are they to set "antoher standard" for us, the "common folk"? I do not believe that there should be "mandated" charitable giving, otherwise, I would be for "taxation"! I just wonder if socialists, who WOULD mandate another's giving through taxation would continue in the benevolence:), just as they have paid all the taxes they owe!!! :).

BTW, I think that "social gospelers" have furthered the cause of socialism, and at what costs? There should not be the "mix" of religion with politics, otherwise, one does disservice to freedom of individual rights.

The problem today is how one understands the "human". Is the human "just an animal", that needs proper training? Then,the question is what is the proper training? And on whose and what terms?

Is the "human" a brain? Then, what is the mind, and how the mind understands and processes information? Or is the brain a computor that only becomes what it "should be" if the input is "right"? Then who or what determines the "right"?

Is the "human" just a social construct? Then, which culture is to determine what is "right"?

If the "human" looses memory, is the human the same person? What about those who have brain injuries and no longer have the same interests, emotions, or personality, in general? Is that person the previous person, or not?

ETC.!There are too many questions to determine anything, so our public policy flounders because the Constitution is "outdated". There needs to be a "new foundation" in the name of globalism and globalization? How are we going to bridge the gap of the great divide among the many cultures and the climates they breed?

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