Saturday, April 4, 2009

Addictions and Discussion in Yesterday's Class

Yesterday, I covered my husband's class on "Faith and Society Integration". It is a class on the science/religion interface. I have used the opportunity to focus more on policy and ethics, than on the scientific aspects.

One of the students had prepared and presented a paper on Cocaine addiction and shared in class about the changes in the brain that happened along with addiction. Understanding the strength of addiction and drugs in general, we got onto the topic of marijuana and its legalization.

This student said that the AMA had argued since the '20's for legalization of marijuna for medicinal purposes. And that legalization should happen not just for that reason alone, but also for the greater good of society. He argued that our borders which are now being bombarded by drug lords would decrease, as legalization would undermine their profiteering. And it just might hinder those who seek marajuna to become enamoured with harder more addictive drugs.

All of this led into a discussion about where, how and what determines what we legalize, and what we label as "sin". Who determines what is to be a legitimate value in a culture, etc. It was an interesting discussion, that I hope (and think) the students enjoyed as much as I did (at leas I hope so)!

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