Friday, April 24, 2009

Time Flies...

Today, a former student dropped by with her two children. I haven't seen her in over 5 years, as her little girl is 5! I was delighted to see her, as she was the "same" and yet, different!

I met her 9 years ago. She was pretty insecure. I remember one night when we were having a heated family discussion at the dinner table (a debate), she quietly got up and got her Bible and held it close to her chest. It reminded me of how literally she took the text, as if she was defending her beliefs with her "sword". She felt threatened and uncertain, as each of us challenged the other's views.

Today, she is confident and almost poised. She talked as an equal and it really amazed me what life can do. She is a wonderful young woman and mother.

Many times I think that this is what religion and scripture does. It "empowers" those who think they have "no power". But, it is not living in the "real world", but an imaginary one. And it certainly does not alleviate personal, mental, or personality problems, but covers over them. But, even so, these people are humans that have an ability to come out of their "holes" of confinement.

She told me something that really blessed me. She said that she was so grateful for all the things I taught her. I questioned her, as I abhor "formal mentoring" (like, come look at me and I'll teach you a few things!). I "mentored" her, I guess, by sharing my life and being a 'friend". She saw me as very human. She said that what I told her always stuck with her through these years. Life teaches you and so, relax, as life happens.

That is like saying that the "sky is blue". Life consists of time that flies, and as one views it in hindsight, it has much wisdom.

Tomorrow our youngest son graduates from college. It was just yesterday, or so it seems, that I was hearing him shout, as he closed the door on the way to school, "Bye, Mom!" What a joy.

Our older son is getting married in September and I cannot believe that is is now in his mid-20's. I look at my husband and he doesn't look much older, as he was our son's age when we first met!

My daughter has already been married for 4 years, this June, and now has two children! I can hardly believe she is approaching 30! It reminds me of the song, "Sunrise, Sunset"...quickly go the years.....laden with happiness and tears....when did she get to be a beauty, when did he get to be so tall....seemed like yesterday when they were small!

We will all celebrate tomorrow, and remember that life teaches you. Sometimes, no one understands, unless they have experienced it. Problem is; who is the "formal mentor" who can assuredly say, "look at me, and I'll teach you a few things"? There are mentors all around, if one has eyes to see, and ears to hear!

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