Monday, September 22, 2008

Responsibility, Addictions, and Religion

Man was created to be responsible, but the Law defined the boundaries of that responsibility. Thus, man is not to cultivate another's property, unless there is an agreement between the two parties. The Ten Commandments are the underlying foundation of our country's laws. Laws define boundaries.

Proper boundaries are necessary for proper relationship and proper maturity. Co-dependency breeds on an interdependence of two subjects. These subjects are addicted to unhealthy patterns of behavior. One person passively accepts the other's abuse of power. Or, the co-dependent relationship can also be understood in terms of organizational structures, or substance abuse.

Addictions are anything that determine choice without reasonable thought. There is no reason in addiction, because there is a compulsive nature to it. Obessiveness is also another sign of unhealthy personhood. These addictions take many forms from alcohol, drugs, sex, food, shopping, gambling, smoking, to relgious form.

The individual and personal idenity is important in upholding a healthy personality, but are hindered when addictions prohibit development. Religious addiction is the environment of cults where manipulation, control and all sorts of "evils" are done in God's name. The individual person is first and foremost of importance in understanding human value, not religion, God, or other substances.

The individual is where reason is engaged, choices are considered and a decision is made. The commitment of the individual should not be seen as "right or wrong", as far as life choices, for the individual should be the definor of his own life within the broader culture. We are a blessed people where choice is valued.

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