Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Common Woman's Thoughts of Revolution

Tonight's agreement on the "bail-out" of Wall Street, made me want to start a revolution. I watched Pelosi, who should have been aware of this for quite some time...and Chris Dodd (who made big bucks on the federal mortgage companies) talk about their "concern" for the American really made me sick.

There is nothing free in this life, only free if someone else pays for government programs are paid by you and me, the taxpayer. I find it appalling that there is no reserve, but an outright greed that subverts civility into pandering and platitudes of "doing the best for America". Why wasn't America on the minds of these people before this occurred? Or did greed so blind their eyes, ears and senses that they could not see it coming...?

You can say what you will, but John McCain did call for caution concerning these issues early on. Even though his wife is worth big bucks and the media has tried to pin extravagant living on him, he has been above board personally. Yes, he has money, but his money, as far as I've heard is hard won or inherited...Yes, he has given tax breaks to big businesses but he has been concerned to maintain busniess within the boundaries of our nation. He said Friday that Ireland's tax rate for business is 11% whereas ours was in the 30or some odd%...Obama, though has had his pockets filled with the mortgage companies and he has cronies that have benefited in the millions. It doesn't seem like his change will be for the average tax-payer.

I am concerned that unless there is some Big changes, there is little that we, little people can do. Unless there is a revolution of sorts, which I don't know whether the average person even cares or is concerned unless it touches their own pocketbooks. This is not the country it used to be. We have become consumers, instead of investors. Investments happen, not only with money, but with commtiment in all areas where the people are concerned about their country's future and they inform themselves, others, and become involved in making the country a better place.

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