Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My husband and I have just moved back from D.C. to Marion Indiana, so that my husband can continue to do what he enjoys, teaching college students.

Why would we leave lucrative job opportunities and a fabulous area that we both enjoy? An area that we have known and been a part of for over 20 years? We moved from the D.C. suburbs of Maryland in 1995 to a small Christian college. My husband had always wanted to teach in a Christian college. This was an opportunity to raise our children in a small community and for him to find his niche.

Teaching has many rewards. Each class is a finished "product", an accomplished goal of gifting students with knowledge in preparation for the life ahead of them. Each semester, which runs a mere 13 weeks is a finished subject. The next semester is a new adventure in new subjects with new students. After the two semesters, he has the freedom to choose another adventure. He has gone back to the D.C. area every year since our leaving in 1995. We, both, have enjoyed the academic year.

I like the fact that I am a part of his life more so than in his other jobs. I interact with the students and find their learning a fascinating experience, for I am always game for a learning advernture! We have attended most all of the John Wesley's Honors College events and have hosted many of them here in our home. The director of the JWHC is a well-respected academic, whose heart IS his head!!! And we have loved him for that!

My husband has loved developing a course that won an award by the Templeton Foundation in 2001 on the integration of science and religion.

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