Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What Next in Politics?

I couldn't believe it. The Democrats had finally found some "dirt" on Palin and she is responsible (because we are our brother's keeper!). Her husband was arrested for a DUI TWENTY YEARS AGO!!! AND, her teen-aged daughter is pregnant!!!! NOT ONLY THAT, BUT, SHE, HERSELF was fined ONCE for fishing WITHOUT A LICENSE!!!! HOW COULD WE PUT SUCH A PERSON IN THE VICE PRESIDENT'S POSITION?????

While the Democrats attack Palin on such things, Obama, has affiliations with radicals that stand against American values, as a whole....But, Obama has dodged these "bullets" with the help of his rhetoric and his promises.

Character assassination is what politics is about these days, as politicians want to cloudy the waters by personal attacks, while making promises that they know will be fulfilled, ultimately, by the whole "color" of Congress. No Kings have we! Nor Saints!
We'll have to settle for a human, I guess!


Cobalt said...

Are you referring to Ayers? I was under the impression that when Obama met him he was, like, eight. o_o

Anyway, I agree that Democrats could be better spending their time talking about Palin's viewpoints and qualifications than about who in her family is breeding and under what circumstances, but I don't think the scandals on each side are equivalent in their magnitude at all.

Angie Van De Merwe said...

Hi again, Obama had ties with Kenya, and I'm sure you have heard about his pastor's views.

I'm not sure that he didn't indirectly dodge questions concerning these questions. I would suppose that his associations overseas would surely be investigated before he could run for president.

Diplomacy does seem to be more his emphasis. And I believe that this is a worthy goal/value. But, diplomacy only works if the parties involved want to listen to one another and negotiate.

Cobalt said...

I'm not convinced that Obama shares his pastor's views (mainly because he has said he doesn't), and even if he did? McCain's had the support from fundamentalists who frame the "war on terror" as a cosmic battle between God's Own Christians and Islamic Anti-America, and they're excited about this because they can't wait for the Rapture and wanna hurry it along. I'm talking guys like Hagee and Parsley. So even if you don't believe that Obama denounced his pastor effectively, there are nutters on both sides which makes this particular issue a wash.