Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Concern for America

Today is Constitution Day. I love my country, but have not been taught enough about it. This brings me to my blog entry today.

The Constitution says that we are a government that is "By the People and For the People"! This is Good News, as all men (gender neutral) are created equal. But, the bad news is that because we live in the land of the free, we Americans have sought our own lives at the costs of the nations. We have not been engaged in the public's business. And because we have become callous to our freedoms and allow other people to take care of it for us, we are becoming an enslaved nation!

Our enslavement is to our lavious lifestyles, where we live beyond our means and the creditors are knocking on our doors. The market is what drives our economy, which is fed on our greed and lust for power, money and stuff!

It is not just in economic concerns where we are enslaved, but we are also enslaved by our lack of engagement. Our government's framers created a government where all could be engaged. But, because of our lack of interest, those who hold the reigns of power have become the ones who run our country. Instead of our country being by the people and for the people, we are being led by others and for others' self interest.

Our news media on the major networks do not even cover news in depth, because most of us are not interested. We get a few dribbles about the economy, so we can complain about our government, but we don't get involved. We hear about things that concern our own pockets and have little interests in anything other than where it concerns our own domesic policy. I'm not arguing for a "one world "government, but only that our eyes would be opened to a larger engagement in our world. When the rulers become unaccountable and have conflicted interest, these rulers will choose their own self interest above the interst of the people! This attitude is not one of public service, but of self-indulgence.

We Americans need to wake up and smell the roses before it is too late. We are a free nation because of public concern and engagement. We are relying too much on our rulers to make the decisions for us and then we complain again if they use the military for interests that we would not approve.

We (I) need to care and become informed and involved.

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