Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Relative and Absolute

Before I begin my remedial exploration of the above subject, please see kenschenck@blogspot and exploringourmatrix@blogspot and antiquitopia@blogspot.
I am amazed at how God has made us. We can develop beyond where we are today, thanks to the educators that have taken the time.

I recognize that the limited understanding I have as a human being within a certain context, is not to determine who I can become. Education is necessary for this.

Those who believe that the religious realm is the epitome of Truth are really at a disadvantage, for they are allowing an outside Source to determine their "fate". An outside Source, may be needful for the child, but the adult needs to develop beyond dependence on these limited frameworks. Responsibility must begin with the individual and must be developed within the social structures. Reason is man's friend, as it is only reason that develops the individual's gifts most clearly. While reason is necessary, reason is no absolute, as Job understood, "things that are too wonderful", things beyond man's ability to comprehend. This is wisdom and humility. And it is what the ancients called the "good life". A life of virtue.

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