Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is Obama Loosing It?

I have to admit that I admired Obama's style, his rhetoric at first, but recently, he has been loosing more than poll numbers. He seems defensive these days.

I watched O'Reily's interview with Obama tonight, after first viewing him last Thursday, right before McCain and Palin spoke.

First, I was upset by his interview being aired the day of McCain's acceptance of his party's nomination! I couldn't believe that he would stoop to such lengths to undermine McCain. But, I hadn't heard at first that it was O'Reily's political ploy. Okay, maybe I am reading into his motivation, but, it seems that O'Reily did not give Obama another option. Thursday was the only day available. This says two things to me, First, that Obama is desparate to get coverage after Palin's "stardom", even if it could 'look bad" by being aired the same day as McCain's speech.

Secondly, it says that O'Reily and the Republicans have more consideration for protocol than Obama. Why would I say this? Because, O'Reily respected the RNC by not airing the whole interview and undercutting coverage of the RNC....And, the Republicans had laid low the first part of their convention week because of the hurricane. Protocol is an important attribute of a president.

The interview itself revealed that Obama couldn't name one conservative "friend" that he had worked with...And it showed a video of Obama himself saying in 2004, that he would not have enough experience to run for the White House.

More coverage showed Obama's attacks and continual obessession with Palin. He made a joke about pigs wearing lipstick, which I thought was really beyond the pale. Maybe I am wrong, but it seems recently that Obama has lost his charisma.

By the way, where is Joe Biden? I haven't seen or heard from him since the DNC!

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