Sunday, September 21, 2008

Human Rights, Freedom of Speech and Religion

Our country's Founders were committed to freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Just last week, the Center for Inquiry petitioned the Unitied Nations Human Rights Council to uphold the 1948 Universal Human Rights. In their petition they wanted freedom of expression, the right to speak against religion.
Their conviction is understood with all of the human rights abuses. The Unitied Nations has allowed other "articles" to be sanctioned for Islamic states. The recent arrest and trial without representation and conviction of death in Afghanastan of a man convicted of blaphemy, as well as many more. This should make anyone who loves freedom and human rights squeezy. What do you think should be universalized? Religion? or human rights? Shouldn't religion protect human rights? What boundaries are necessary to represent proper understanding of community and the individual without compromising the integrity of either?

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