Monday, September 29, 2008

Heart, Soul and Head

What is faith about anyway?
As children, we are made to be a part of a nuturing environment, When this does not happen, the child is left without resolution in his soul. This can distort the child's perception of himself and the world.

I had understood my faith to have "healed" these childish needs. I had found God's love "to look over my fault and see my need" (as Andre Crouch's song proclaimed). But, this was not healthy faith. Why do I say this? Because anything that does not delve into the soul to bring resolution, still is breeding ground for hurt and pain. The childish need, although met in a mythical world, is still left faltering if the nurturing environment of the Church fails.

In coming to Adulthood, we learn that no one is responsible but ourselves for what we are and what we become, because we do not allow another to define our life. And some would go so far as say that even God does not define our life, as His will is more general in how he innately gifted us. The need for safety is gone, as we have become centered on the values that bring us meaning. These values do not have to be within faith commitments, but do bring us identity.

So, faith can be defined within or without a community of faith, it is a matter of personal values and commitments to oneself as an identification factor. Who and what do I desire to bring meaning and purpose into life? And what is it that life will count for? These are the over-riding questions that face most yount adults in ther pursuit of life-calling. The university's calling of bringing resolution to the confusion during this stage of life is an important one. But, it is not an easy one.

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