Saturday, September 20, 2008

Are Americans Naive and Too Trusting of Foreign Powers?

In today's paper, it was reported that our mayor was going to China to pursue business interests along with a State representative. Many states in the U.S. are trying to motivate businesses to "come on down" and establish themselves within their borders, so that, state's can build up resources. There is nothing like building a tax base for the State's welfare.

Not only is our mayor seeking China's business, but also he recently toured Russia.
I find this disturbing. Why? Because small town politics and State "goals" could be disastorous when it comes to foreign affairs.

Russia's recent aggression against Georgia, and funnelling weapons to Islamic terrorists through Syria and Iran, is dangerous territory when it comes to "padding our pockets back home". Now, Russia is reported to be in the Carribbean alongside Venezula...! And small town politics is seeking business prospects?

I am terribly troubled as most of us in our small towns are unaware of what is going on. And yet, we will be in the middle of it, I'm afaid, without any "wisdom" from us,"common folk" (the followers)...

Perhaps, American Christians will view this as a great proposal of prosperity and opportunity, while the "common folk" are just naysayers against the "common good". I hope I'm wrong.

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