Thursday, September 25, 2008


Images are appearances. That we can all agree upon. The difference lies in what do the images represent? Do images represent the absolute REAL? If so, is there numerous ways of understanding the real, through the interpretaion? These interpretaions are evaluated based upon our experiences in education (life, formal, cultural, familial). These are social constructed interpretations. Therefore, our understanding would be limited by our education.

What if the images are just images that are representative of cultural values? They are not images that reflect something of the "real world", but are a means of communication and expression of those values? Then, our understanding would be culturally framed based upon that culture's value structure.

Which is it?
A REAL world that we battle on the basis of Truth that is still dependent on interpretation.
OR, is it a symbolic world of cultural values that have no basis in "Truth", but are just cultural values?

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