Thursday, September 25, 2008

China and Wall Street

Tonight, as most of you have heard, Congress could not come to terms with an agreement on the bail-out of Wall Street.
It disturbs me that this crisis is being politicized. But, it is an election year...just a few days short of election day.
McCain intially bowed out of the debate Friday so that he could help with this crisis. Obama's camp claims that they were not fully informed of this matter and said they were going to be at the debate. Later, it was reported that McCain was having second thoughts and might show up after all.
I could see that the Democrats were playing alongside a president they have been highly criticizing, while the Republicans wouldn't touch this legislation with a ten foot pole. Isn't it hypocritcal of the Democrats to criticize the Republicans for being in the same party as Bush and go so far as to try to identify the party with Bush. And here they are playing along...what do they really think about Bush and his policies? Is it that the Democrats see a political advantage in painting a picture of cooperation with the president so that our economy will not "go under".
The Republicans may not know what to do, as if they go along and support the legislation, they will be painted as supporting big business. And if the plan fails for some reason then they will hold the bucket to mop it all up. The Republicans' resistance to come to an agreement could be painted as deadlock and they will be blamed. So, they will be damned if they do, and damned if they don't. I feel sorry that his has happened at a time when the election is so close.
The Republicans are being cautious, I believe. I agree that we should move very slowly before implementing a plan that is half shod and so expensive with no garuantees that the plan will be sufficient long term.

While our domestic world is struggling for a solution, the Chinese are now sending up space-craft with our technology. Many were on the news talking about the danger of their espionage to our country's security. Several have been convicted of selling or giving our secrets away. What will we be seeing in our near future? We are oblivious to our need to maintain secure borders, and ignore the the signs of domestic crisis. How much more do we need to experience before we understand the implications of our choices and our disregard and disrepect for our nation?

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