Saturday, September 13, 2008

Identity, and 'Tolerance

People all have identities that are defined by nation, faith, cultural behaviors, family, tribe, job, etc. But, when our identities so tightly bind our 'necks" that we cannot engage another, then we cease to be tolerant. Intolerance happens all the time, in families, between nations, between cultures, between political ideologies, etc.

Tolerance is an ability to hear another and their values, desires, and goals. Part of conflict resolution, diplomatic efforts and strategic planning, is engaging the different. Those who are outside the community of dialogue cannot be an enthusiastic "team member". Of course, terrorists cannot be engaged, because they cease to be open to dialogue.

Terrorists are those who feel their "goal" is a goal that cannot be compromised because it is God's will and God's will must be done and others be damned. This is intolerance of the tyrannical kind. History, as well as present day dictators, illustrate this mentality. A mentality of intolerance is a mentality of "right". And the "right" is based on misguided principles of what is ultimately best.

It was good to see that recently Condaleesa Rice engaged Kadafi.

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