Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Next in Politics: A Back-Handed Marxism

Isn't it interesting that some in the media are trying to undermine the Republican nominee for VP.? Most of the media is known for its liberal bias, and, yet, they are condemning Palin for being a working mother....How will she have the time? Shouldn't she be "at home" with the kids? ETC.
Where are the "liberalized" women in the Democratic party that supports her "choice"? Or is the media holding her to a "standardized standard" of conservatism? Since she is a conservative, the reasoning goes, then certain behavior is expected. And I thought this was the land of the free and the home of the brave. The country is becoming more and more the land of the "politicized" and the home of the cowardly, as critical thinking is no more taught in our schools, nor allowed in our culture. Everything has to be "politically correct". This is pablum for the American people.

It is reported that the next attack on Palin will be to paint her a "trailor trash". Some are calling for a paternity test on her Down's Syndrome child. I thought that liberals were for class equality. I call foul. What about you?

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