Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Education of Heads and Hearts

Education is about inquiry and openness. But, education is limited when heads or hearts are closed. How do heads or hearts become closed?

Heads are closed when academic knowledge disconnects head from heart, while hearts are closed when heads are not engaged! Both aspects of "man" should be affirmed, otherwise, there will be a paternalistic attitude toward another.

Paternalistic attitudes toward others are heads that believe others have no heads, and hearts that believe that others have no hearts. This attitude is dangerous and damaging when power is engaged with these "certain views". Justice is distorted with attitudes like this.

What happens in education when these absolute heads and hearts combine to "teach" others, while not open to learning themselves? It reminds me of Paul's rebuke to the Jews in Romans. "Do you seek to teach and not teach yourselves?"...we all are blinded by our own sense of superiority. This is what prejuidice is about and it limits educational endeavors, because of closed minds and hearts. Hearts and heads who are hardened by their sense of certainty!

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