Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Sides to the Human Heart

Freedom and Justice are two desires built within each human heart. Wars and conflict happen because these two desires are at odds with each other within the heart and within social structures.

Freedom is the need to be. It is the individual seeking identity and expression. Freedom allows creativity. Freedom is found within American ideals and our Bill of Rights.

Whereas freedom is found in individuality, justice is found within the social. Justice cannot exist apart from relationship. Justice is found within our American form of government in its laws. Because our form of government affirms both liberty and justice, we are a nation of diverse opinions, and commitments.

Human rights and ethics itself is based on an understanding of justice. And sometimes justice is not understood within the confines of law, if laws are unjust means of attaining desires that subvert another's freedom. Freedom is primary, if the individual matters at all, which is what Christians and Americans affirm and believe.

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