Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Absolute Uncertainty

If we only conceive of God because we "need" God, then, that doesn't prove anything about God, so much as us. We are limited and finite, and dependent on many things to survive.

Some believe that God is necessary for "life", and believe in "other worlds", or God's intervention within time...But, do we know this really, or is it just an interpretaion of events? We only see what we look for, in that we "see" God working or "explain things other situations away", And this is what many call "faith", which is really interpretation.

Others say that the only thing that is possible to really know is what science tells us. Therefore, their views do not "see" other scientific ways of understanding the same situation, circumstance, or events. We speak a specific language according to the speicific discipline and many think they address the "whole world" and all things with that specifice and limited knowledge.

People just do not know anything apart from what they place their trust in and whatever they put their trust in is still limited in view of the whole. So, all we know is that we do not know, but in part. This fact alone should cause a humble approach to any problem in the name of our limited view.

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