Friday, February 6, 2009

My Hairdresser is an Episcopol Deputy!

This morning my hairdresser called. In our conversation, he mentioned that he has been chosen to be a deputy in the Episcopol Church! I was elated to hear his joy! And I was intrigued about this "Congressional role". He has been sharing a little all along with me, although I don't see him but ever couple of months. But, here he is, a hairdresser and a deputy along with a theologian from Notre Dame, a lawyer and others. What an exciting opportunity for him. And what an "ideal" of mine. Inclusion.

But, this is where I guess my own faith is too weak to believe that something so great would happen to me. I told him that whenever I have trusted, as if God intervened in this life, I had ended up "naked and alone". So, I have my reservations about that kind of trust, anymore. My husband believes that God deals with us differently. I just don't know. Risk seems to be in whatever I choose to do, so it is not about "character" in taking chances, and "leaping out into the dark". And maybe I have given up hope. I haven't given up on life, though, as I am grateful for life, and all that is "mine". And I am still thankful to God, as the Giver, although, I'm not quite sure I know how he has given. I am still in process as to understanding "theological" ways of seeing...I am just walking out my life with a heart of gratefulness.

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