Thursday, February 12, 2009

Obama's Plan Is Surprised

Obama promised a more unified dialogue across party lines. But, this has not happened. In fact, today's resignation of the nominee of Department of Commerce, a Republican, I'm sure was a blow. He could not agree to the stimulus package, is what he said.

But, it was reported that the cenesus, which is supposed to be done by civil servants, to represent a "fair" representation of "reality" in America, has been moved to the White House! Is this a way to promote a Propagandized census, to justify spending in certain ways or areas? It does look suspcious, but should we be surprised?

Whether the census will be used for such purposes, the "low expectation" of the stumulus package and our economic recovery is being promoted by the media. Setting low expectations is a nice political move, as then we cannot be disappointed, no matter what. And the Mr. Nice Guys in Congress will come out looking like their stimulus package doled out the taxpayer money in "good order". And those who happened to benefit will be even more pleased...

Obama called for a cease fire to partisan rivalry, but how is this to be, unless he expects the Republicans to wholesale sacrifice all their scruples, values and "world-view" about economics? Politics rules the world in every area, so beware, you , naive.... And politics is about might, and fight and dirt.

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