Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Killing the American Public"

Honor is a term that is useful for maintaining one's position or place of favor. It is dishonorable to do certain things according to certain traditions, which justify "killing" the guilty. Some traditions "tone down" the actual physical killing by shunning, which is social "killing". But, with the news tonight, it is obvious that not only does tradition "kill", but corporations.

Tonight's news featured AIG. I'm sure the average "joe" is tired of hearing about the overly lavish lifestyle that these executives have, not because of envy so much as resentment about "bailing" these people out of the financial mess they are responsible for. The "middle class" has lived frugally, or at least learned to save, and to make choices about what to do without, while these are living lifestyles that are beyond imagination for most. It is not wrong, necessarily to have or do nice things, but it is really wrong for those who have taken risks with their money or with corporate "investments", to not hold that risk. Why is it the American taxpayer that is to foot the bill? If we don't help then we will suffer the costs. We will suffer whether we bail them out or possibly, if we don't. So, we continue to trust our leaders and those who benefit from those who pay them off and we are oblivious.

This situation is similar to the "bail out" of the woman who chose to have in vitro fertilization and ended up with 14 children. Is it really the American people's responsibility to help when this person acted irresponsibly? But, some would ask, what about the children?

When one talks of helping those who have had limited means and have suffered from bad environments, then that is a different matter, but when there is overt disregard for responsible behavior and then a further disregarding of taking repsonsibility, then there is something definately wrong. Are we condoning the adolescent behavior of our leaders, while the average American is supposed to be a responsible citizen?

The demand that we pay for these irresponsibilities reminds me of "theology". Jesus death was to save a nation and others from their "sins". I find ethical problems with this theology, as it leads to irresponsibility. The American people are being asked to lay down their life for unjust causes, but are being told that it will save the nation in the long run. What ever happened to mature and responsible behavior as it concerns one's finances?

I am not at all suggesting that everyone should live the same standard of life, but I am suggesting that people understand that what they choose to do, is not to be dismissed from accountability with the American people. Americans have become tired of politicians acting as if we don't have a brain and dismissing our hearts. We all want what is best for our children, but some of us don't have the choices that others do. The American people cannot be asked to be more mature and responsible than their leaders. We need leaders that are respectable and respected. Then, maybe there would be more citizens wanting to be involved in politics and informing themselves about what is happening in Washington, rather than turning the channel when a politician comes on TV. And then maybe, honor will have the right meaning and take its rightful place in the public square.

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