Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Absurdity of Belief continued

Tonight, while eating with some students, the discussion led to the octupulets that were just born. We started talking about whether this was ethical and on what grounds do we defend or understand our position. It was quite interesting....

In the proces of discussing this issue, which got into whether God interevened directly into the life of this mom's choice to have the children, the in vitro fertilization, responsibility factors, and whether one can come to a universal understanding of birth control and on what basis...we "happened" upon how miracles can be believed as written in the text using science. I think I will call it biblical scientism, as it hisoricizes the text as literally true, even scientificall....the words are interpreted into scientific instead of understanding the ancient text as "outdated" through ancient Greek understandings, they seek to hold to "inerrancy, and infallibilty" of the text, while re-interpreting what was "inspired". No myth, it is absolute reality that is to be applied to life today.

I didn't even respond, unless my facial expression gave me away. It is always important to affirm what students believe and ask the right questions to get them to think beyond where they are...I didn't even have questions to ask, as I was dumb-founded.

Oh, well, life will go on regardless of what this student believes about the text. I have to live my life and he his...He is after all a married man.(His wife was also in on the conversation!)....

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