Sunday, February 8, 2009

What Does One Do?

My grand-daughter is here today. She is dancing and curtseying and bringing the "wonderment" that is a part of childhood. I wonder how she will grow and develop, as she is so "smart", at the tender age of two. She dreams and makes up stories. She shares her heart and she believes that eveything is good and nice and to be trusted. What happens when she realizes that life doesn't work that way?

How do you protect the innocence, and yet prepare them for the real world? What if she is meant to create like this all her life and she is maladjusted for the rest of her life like many creative spirits? I don't know how to protect, if I should or even, if I can.

Even though I saw this aspect in my children and delighted in seeing their creative spirit, I didn't appreciate it like I do my grand-daughter's today. Perhaps, because I have grown "more realistic" (although, I do believe I'm more creative than therefore may never grow up in certain ways...), I have come to realize that life "happens" and that sometimes even though leaders attempt to "make things happen", certain things are beyond their control or knowledge.

Hannah Reece is my grand-daughter's name, and I hope that she gives to life as much as she given to ours, these short two years she has lived.

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