Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Woman's Cause and Seeking Justice

I just heard about a woman who sought to bring lawsuit against a large corporation's attempt to destroy her neighborhood. She sought the counsel of the Institute for Justice.

The Institute for Justice seeks to protect individual rights where it concerns 'big business' interests. It is a libertarian organization.

I find that this woman's case was a case to be won, otherwise, big corporations have free reign to do as they please, leaving the individual at the mercy of their whims. This happened during the preparation for the Olympic Games in China, where many were put out of their homes because the government wanted to use their land to promote the game's image.

I respect the vision and cause of the Institute of Justice, as without the individual's representations, we are doomed to be pawns of larger interests that prey upon our rights as human beings. America holds up the indiviudual's right to liberty, because without liberty, we are slaves and we did away with slavery long ago!

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