Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Have You Ever Wondered

Today we arrived in the Netherlands to visit my husband's family. It has influnenced who he is, but I wonder how much it has influenced him really? I can see both similarities to his family of origin and dissimilarities. This is quite normal and is why neuroscience is investigating how much of our "selves" is written on our brains. I have wondered about personality and how much is innate and how much is formed. I am sure that most have thought about these things.

Personality has little to do with spirituality, in fact, spirituality can hinder personal growth as much as further personal growth, because of the conforming demands of religion in understanding of religious teaching.

Theology is about what we cannot know, as it is about a transcendent realm, that is, unless we view man, as God's point of reference. What is man to be like? Man can develop irregardless of spiritual connection, or religious commitment.

So, I am wondering if religious commitment and spirituality is a hinderance to man's development. For if man does something because of something outside himself, then what kind of person is he, really? A person must have their individual conviction and commitment to those convictions if he is to attain what he is to become. But, that takes knowing oneself and staying true to what one values.

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