Sunday, May 10, 2009

Freedom Comes From Self- Knowledge

A philosopher once said that an unexamined life is a life not worth living. I think this is a truth that is pertinant for today. This afternoon, my son in law, whose degree is in psychology, gave us a personality test. I had taken this test before and it didn't "sit well" with me, as far as the results. It just didn't seem like it "fit' or was comfortable. I asked the tester back then, if stress or extenuating circumstances would affect the answers and therefore the results. I know now, that it does.

After taking the test, and reading the results, I felt relieved and "okay". I am a "General". My childern all agreed that this was who I was/am. I had been thinking that there was a "perfect" or "ideal" Christian. That is NOT so...and it is freeing to know that how I am, is what I am supposed to be. Religion is very deforming, in its conforming stance, and demanding "change" because one is not "perfect" or "ideal" like Jesus.

Religion can be a form of mental illness, I think. It hinders self-acceptance, and creates another reality, instead of dealing with the real, and pertinent. It seeks to attain something that is alien to the natural person, some spiritual sense or spirituality that is not based in the 'real world".

So, on this Mother's Day, it is okay that children are not my "ideal goal". And as I wrote before, I don't care about politically correct things, and many times I don't care about religiously correct things. If that is okay with you, then maybe we can be friends. Otherwise, we must go our separate ways. No guilt, as Paul and Barnabas went their separate ways and that seemed okay for the writers of "your authority".

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