Thursday, May 14, 2009

A European's View of Future Danger

My husband's brother in law was telling us this morning that the birth rate for Euopeans is about 1.3, while the birth rate of Muslims is a lot higher. Why is he worried? Several reasons were given and they gave me room for thought...

He said that the Dutch culture was "dying" due to the infilteration of the Muslims, who use the tolerance of the Dutch to undermine Western values. He said that there was a priest who had been banned from a Christian school due to intolerance to Islam, and he gave other instances of Muslim use of religious tolerance to bring about a reverse discrimination. This is very disturbing when you consider how many immigrants are infilterating the culture and expanding their numbers by enlarging their families. In a couple of decades, he prophesizes that Shairia Law will have rule over Europe if nothing is done to stop it.

Westerners have been concerned for the planet's limited resources, and have limited their population growth., as a result Civilized societies have ceased to base their views on sacred sources, therefore, where Scripture has commanded man to '"be fruitful and multiply", the West has deemed it ïrrelavant as authoritative. Science has replaced religion in authoratative influence.

Science is not "pie in the sky", but proveable through observation, experimentation, and manipulation. Man has taken the reigns of power and determined his own destiny through the power of science''s knowledge. While science has empowered the West, the West also knows its dangers. Those who are religiously minded and do not heed the dangers of science, are even more dangerous. as they use the sword as the 'weapon of God'. This is why our national security is of utmost importance. We must in the West not abandon NATO. but, seek to broaden the influence of protecting science from hands that would use scientific power subversively.

Religious freedom and tolerance has been the bulwark of the West, but our strength may become our weakness, if we do not wake up to the insidiousness of religion's influence and power. Those who think they speak for God are a danger to civilization. Secular humanists are right in their call to tighten the belt against religion's rights in the West.

I really don't know which is worse, a totaltalirian secularized State, or a totaltalarian religious regime. Both subvert something that is distinctly human; choice. freedom and religious conviction.

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