Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Freedom to Be and to Do

This morning I was thinking that in less than a week, my husband and I will be with his family in Europe. I have been packing and planning, knowing what our plans are while we are there. And I began thinking how priviledged and blessed I am to have the freedom to "be normal".

"Normal" means what any human needs for physical and emotional health. Our free society allows us to live without interference from government or fear of upheval in our life or plans. My husband and I can plan to go see his family and enjoy normal family connections.

Americans and others that have "freedom" so often take those freedoms for granted. Freedom is won by hard work and loyal commitment from those who serve in government, in the roles of government officials, or the military. I do not take their sacrifice/service for granted, as I often think about "freedom" and how valuable it is to be "normal".

So, this day, I am thankful for freedom.

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