Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Value of Life Calling and a Friend's Daughter

I have a friend whose daughter is in a well known university studying International Relations. This young lady is very bright and gifted in many ways. This past summer she went overseas with the Invisible Children ministry. She had thought about pursuing this course for her career choice, although many other opportunities have been open to her.

The Invisible Children ministry is a valuable mission, but I believe that this young girl's gifts would be limited in usefulness if she pursued this end. She has recently had second thoughts, which I am happy to hear.

So often, young people are idealistic and need time to grow up and understand what life is about and what their highest values are. But, this is not her case.

In a Christian context, shouldn't professors, adminstrators, and student developers seek to develop the student as much as they can, not limiting their potential? A student pursuing a college education that does not use the money, and time invested wisely is a misguided life. Shouldn't every student seek to excel in their given discipline so that excellence is what is considered "Christian"? Or is Christian only viewed as ministry in a certain way and with certain dogma to boot?

I hope that the value of a student's life calling is important enough to the educators, who by their own life investment to education, exemplify excellence, passion, commitment, and scholarship.

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