Sunday, October 19, 2008

Race, Discrimination, and Endorsement

Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama has been labelled by some as a race issue.

I don't know whether anyone really understands discrimination unless they have experienced it. But, reverse discrimination is what Colin Powell is being accused of. Is an endorsement valid just because they happen to be of a certain group, race, ideology, etc.? is this just and right?

Groupism is unjust in so many ways. Groupism is prejuidicial because groups are defined by certain attributes, ideology, etc. Groups are a way for humans to maintain an identity, but the identity is based on prejuidice. Although I recognize and aknowledge the lack of opportunity that many of certain groups have had, priviledging groups has a downside in meeting quotas, when there are not enough qualified candidates to fulfill a certain position. Is this just, even though it is meant to give equal opportunity? Reverse discrimination is also unfair.

The discriminated form a solidarity to gain a power base and then politic for their group's representation, which is good in our free society. But, equal respresentation of the majority's side also needs acknowledgement. This is only maintaining a balance of power and is just and right.

The fact that Obama is able to run and get his party's nomination is proof that our society is overcoming its bias. Hillary Clinton ran against Obama and was a formable foe. She has broken the wall separating the sexes in powerful leadership roles. I think our country has come a long way from 25 years ago. Granted there will always be segments of the population that remain prejuidiced, but, as more and more minorities gain powerful positions, it will become harder and harder to ignore the facts of equality.

I am hoping that Colin's endorsement is not one that is racially motivated. That would illustrate an ultimate prejuidice.

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