Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Ideal S(s)tate

What is the ideal S(s)tate? An ideal state can only exist in an ideal State! Man is made to be free, while the State is to define proper boundaries of behavior (laws) for the ordering of society. An ideal state would allow enough freedom, so that the individual could choose amongst many valid values and goals.

In our world, we understand the importance of affirming human rights. It is only because governments are unjust that we agree to laws which define the rights of the individual, upholding and affirming dignity, which freedom guaruntees.

The Church cannot guaruntee human rights unless it refuses to identify "God" specifically. The Church should affirm and uphold the social structures that give a healthy environment for children to be raised, as well as a healthy and whole marriage where the partners are co-partners in God's grace of life. When God has been defined and identified by the Church's leadership too definitively, she has been used to intimidate and abuse individuals. The Church, after all, is defined by human membership and whatever "authority" that leadership determines defines the church. Human leadership have used their definitions of God and church to politicize their goals and sanitize their motives. The Church is a human instrument and is not an ideal State.

The State should consist of humans that agree upon the dignity of the individual. The individual should be the teleos of government. Each individual should be considered an equal member and an important part to the whole. While the individual is the goal of the group, the group must function within a framework of organizational structure. The organizational structure of our Representative Republic is the most ideal. While a Representative Republic is one aspect of governing over the structure, there must be a mutuality and accountability that is built within the structure, so the structure and governing leaders are accountable to the individuals they are to represent. But, as has been said that when the rulers start plundering the treasury for their own advantage, then we are in trouble. The Love of money is the root of all evil. This inordinate affection has led to the downfall of our Representative Republic and is the downfall of many in our country.

What then would hinder the self-interest that would be the inevitable outcome of a free society, and even one ruled by a distribution of power and a concern for the individual? The moral imperative to maintain society for one's own self-interest, as well as the other's self-interest would maintain a balance to our blindness when it comes to our own governance. Government should be understood to bring a healthy and whole ordered society for the individual and the family to function.

Therefore, the ideal State is run by leaders whose concern is for the country and not for self-interest alone. We must be a people that understands the importance of good government.

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