Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Two Jesuses?

There is a distinct problem in the Christian community. It really is not a problem. Just a quandary...There are two Jesuses that are recognized and "worshipped".

One Jesus is the one most of us learned about in Sunday School. He worked miracles by healing the sick, raising the dead and casting out demons. This Jesus is a supernatural one. We worshipped him for being God. But, although he was a real person, he was too holy to consider as "one of us". He was all about love, mercy and forgiveness. The difference was who Jesus was. He was God.

The other Jesus is a historical one. He lived and died and experienced life like the rest of us. He struggled, was betrayed, and walked against the tide. His life is "worshipped" by what he did, not so much in who he was. His life sought justice.

Tradition has held that Jesus is both God and Man and theologians go out of their way to understand and explain through their theologizing what this means. The Trinity is their conclusion. This was the way for the Church to acknowledge, embrace and understand how we grow and understand our faith.

Until someone is ready to take up their life and walk out their faith in commitment to what their own personal values and convictions are, then, their need for Christ to be God for them is necessary.

Which Jesus do you 'worship"?

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