Thursday, October 16, 2008

Scripture, Social Structures, and Relationships

I am a little frustrated over many who try to "puff up" the need to believe the Scriptures. I recognize that Protestants are "grounded" (at least intially) on the Scriptures, but I don't believe that Scripture is the only means of faith.

Before the canon was the Church, and before the Church was the Jewish faith, which was also divided along many lines. Faith doesn't need support. Faith is oriented around what one values. And faith and one's values underscore what one chooses to do. Are evangelicals afraid that if they do not fight to uphold the text that people are forever doomed? Is it the only basis for establishing moral values that motivates them? It would be an interesting study.

The real world is not really guided by the supernatural, but people. I think we should focus more on the real world than the spiritual, as the spiritual is so often the psychological need in man. The social structures that define civilized society are meant to meet these needs, which is more and more doubtful in the West. While the civilized are more structured and the order is more conducive for individual flourishing, all societies have relationships, just a difference of form. And relationships are what social structures are to be about in the first place.

So, why the Scriptures to uphold faith?

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